Colours in the function of space - what you should know

Imagine the world without colours, just for a moment. It would really be monotonous and uninspiring to live in such an environment, you would surely agree. Colours have a great role and impact on people's lives.

This is why it is extremely important what colours you use to paint your world and area where you live, rest, study, work... Numerous studies have confirmed the physiological, biological, psychological and aesthetic function of colours. With them we can express authenticity, encourage good mood, creativity, motivation and productivity, change the use of rooms. Colours do sell products, they are a strong marketing tool and this is what every marketing officer would confirm. Do you know that colour makes the huge 85% of the reasons why a person has decided to buy some product? All this is really worth only if we know HOW to properly harmonise the selected colours with the function of a room. Only in this manner can we completely make the most of its purpose or compensate certain disadvantages.
This requires excellent knowledge of colour properties, their adequate combinations and effects achieved thereby. The best thing is to give this job to experts and leave nothing to chance. The team of experts will know not only how to infallibly harmonise the colours with the function of a space, but also to select materials of good enough quality (link) in order to achieve the desired effect. Still, with some tried and tested advice, you can do some things by yourself.

Functionality before aesthetics

We all have favourite colours. However, when selecting the colours for a particular room, functionality should have the priority over the aesthetic appeal. Choice of colour depends on several factors: lighting, temperature, east or west direction, size of the room and possible imperfections which should be corrected. Lighting and temperature in the room highly affect the colour selection. If the room is directed towards the north, it is advisable to choose warm colours such as red, yellow and orange. These elegant colours are also recommended for rooms where you spend most of the time, such as living rooms, because they produce the feeling of warmth and cosiness. Of course, we should use them moderately, especially when it comes to red.

Red colour, even though it works as a powerful physical and psychological stimulus, can cause the feelings of unpleasantness and anxiety, but it can always be used as some decorative detail. Dark and warm colours give a cosy tone to the environment, but they can also diminish it, so we should use them in rooms of greater size.

Warm and sunny rooms directed towards the south should be painted in cool shades such as blue, green and purple. One useful piece of information might be that people in the green-blue room feel that the temperature is lower for 3-4°C than in the orange room, although the room temperature is the same in both of them. Green and blue are also an excellent choice for bathrooms since they are open and create the feeling of freshness. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms because cool colours visually increase the space. Neutral and pastel colours will provide a necessary peace to your bedroom. Water washable paints with various effects, such as shimmer or enhanced shine, can complement and make adorable a children's room.

Colours increase productivity and sale

The biggest companies have been relying for years on the physics and psychology of colours in order to affect the productivity of their employees and encourage greater sale of their products. Selection of colours in a business environment is very important, because we spend a great amount of time at work. For most people their business environment is like another home. Cool colours in a business space will create a peaceful atmosphere and the impression that time passes more quickly. Blue colour is ideal for mind stimulation, so it is very popular in accounting companies. For more creative jobs interior designers recommend yellow, and for balance and higher productivity - green. Of course, you can always combine several colours and use the particular effects of each one. Colour in sales premises should be selected depending on what you want to achieve with prospective buyers. Frequently, certain colours are permanently associated with particular brands (McDonald’s for example), which creates the feeling of familiarity in buyers. Blue induces serenity and trust, while red represents strength and is used to emphasize and encourage good appetite in catering facilities. And finally, human eye can distinguish about 10 million shades of colours. Use your imagination and, having in mind some of these guidelines, let yourself go with infinite number of combinations. Inspiration lies all around us.

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