Mystique and elegance of black in the interior

Black is considered as a NON colour which doesn't reflect any part of the spectrum, but it absorbs the whole spectrum and that’s why we experience it as an extremely dark colour. It may be said that all other colours arise from black. Next to black all other colours seem much lighter and it is their ideal opposite.

For most artists and designers black is the queen of colours.

Black has always been associated with mystery, danger but also with sophistication and elegance, glamour and luxury. In psychology black is the colour of authority and power, emotional stability and safety. It provokes very powerful emotions.
Black encourages self-confidence and gives strength. It is regarded as very serious and formal, so that it is frequently used in business premises since it is associated with prestige.

On the other hand, it is also the colour of authenticity and rebellion. It is also the colour of a dark night, the infinite universe and mysterious deep water. According to Feng Shui it vibrates the energy of power and protection. Black wall represents a real challenge in interior decorating. A certain amount of courage and good knowledge of properties of colours and materials is needed, since black can look good both in small and large rooms. By careful and professional application all undesirable effects will be avoided, because black can easily suffocate the space.

Black colour on the walls

Black colour gives depth, strength and definition to any space. By no means should we refuse to use this colour when decorating, although it can cause the feeling of weight if it is not applied in a proper amount. Black is surely not recommended as the dominant colour but in most rooms it can be used for striking details. The only place where black is not desirable are children’s rooms, especially in those for small children.

The ideal space for using the advantages of black colour is bathroom. By professional combination of black with other colours any bathroom can become elegant and designed in a modern way. Black shades are very suitable for kitchens as well, especially kitchen furniture. For the complete effect and additional freshness, interior designers recommend special gloss finishes. Bedroom is the perfect place for combination of black with other colours. Black, as the synonym for elegance, is best combined with light colours such as white, pink, yellow...

Lively and playful yellow contrasted with peaceful and deep black is the combination which you will frequently find on cover pages of modern interior design magazines. This is a tried match that you can’t go wrong with. The similar situation is also with bright and lively pink which next to black seems lovely and youthful.

Orange and intense red on black background can look loud and aggressive, so you should be very careful with such combinations. If you are in doubt, black and white is the timeless combination which leaves you enough space for creative use of details. When decorating interior, proper selection of colours is half of the success. The second half make good quality materials available at the market made by acknowledged producers and the team of experts who will know how to transform them to a masterpiece on your walls. We provide you with the possibility to be a virtual designer and, by using our application, try out your favourite combinations of black and other Maxima colours and, what’s more, you can do it on walls of different rooms and on the photograph of your space which you want to decorate.

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