About us

Our story

The company Maxima is a family business founded in 1990 as a paint shop. Realizing that the market does not have a sufficient supply of high-quality interior struggle, in 1994 the family made the decision to start manufacturing the same. This development path starts Maxipol product, which is this company did recognizable.

The beginnings were very modest. Daily capacity amounted to 5 tons. Today, the company Maxima has a capacity of 1000 tons of finished product per day with Potfolio products that offers solutions for all finishing works in construction.

Our story

Passion and commitment

The passion for perfecting the existing products and developing new technologies, its commitment to customers and their requirements, its belief that the top quality is the only imperative when considering design of new formulas, production and distribution of products, have brought Maxima Company to the rank of most successful companies from this region in the field of manufacturing products for finishing works in civil engineering.

Quality and loyalty

The most valuable item which distinguishes Maxima are its loyal customers who have recognized the company’s efforts to provide the best quality and price ratio and have rewarded the company with their trust in this brand.

Thank you for that!