Art on the wall

Most experienced house painters will tell you something similar-painting or whitewashing means for them much more than the mere coating of walls and facades. House painting was once considered an art and house painters were regarded as artists. Creative enthusiasts of this craft can transform it once again into an applied art with the help of modern high-quality colors and materials. 

Classical painting and whitewashing of walls have been long out of fashion. Decorative paints and materials are made with state-of-the-art technology and, thanks to the skilled hands of craftsmen, magic appears on the walls. Walls and facades get interesting textures, patters and effects. Authentic creations give a whole new life to the wall. You can refresh your living or business space with a wall that resembles an ocean, desert dunes, an antique rustic wall, marble or stone in a wide variety of colors. New techniques are constantly appearing, and there seems to be no end to inspiration in their use.

In order to transform an impersonal gray wall into an artwork, you need high-quality colors, basic tools and a skilled craftsman with an artistic soul, for whom each wall is a new creative challenge. We are delighted every day by the images and video materials that we receive from skilled craftsmen, who transformed walls or facades into a real works of art, inspired by the MAXIMA program of colors, materials and decorative techniques.

Just when we think that we have seen it all, we were pleasantly surprised by the ways, in which Maxima can be used for interior and exterior walls.

A cheese wall, why not?

Mišo Joskić from Podgorica showed us that painting can be a lot of fun. A great idea, skillful hands and good facade colors is all what it takes to give a completely new look to an ordinary auxiliary building. MAXIFAS facade paints, a brush and a roller were more than enough, so that this creative craftsman could transform this gray, lifeless and not very beautiful facade into a piece of juicy cheese.

Craft or functional art?
We would say both.

We propose you try it by yourself. You can find inspiration everywhere. Nature, internet, art, imagination... In this way, any wall can become an unrepeatable expression of creativity and the painting process becomes pure enjoyment. In the end, everyone wins, especially the satisfied end users, who will be happy to recommend you.

MAXIMA is here to support all your ideas, as we have always done, with a wide range of colors for interior wall surfaces and facades, as well as with a varied program of decorative techniques. We expect your pictures and videos to confirm that house painting is much more than a craft. The most creative ones will be published on our site or at our official Facebook page.

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