MAXIMA Coloring Book - Our Small Creative Gift

Coloring books for children have always been an effective tool that parents use to keep children busy and get some free time. Coloring is a simple and funny activity that does not require special conditions. There is almost no child, who does not like coloring. They just need a bit of space, an interesting coloring book and a box with different colors and fun is guaranteed! However, few parents know that besides fun, coloring contributes to the development of very important skills for the small artists. Coloring is an excellent preparation for school. It stimulates the senses, improves motor skills, contributes to learning colors and concepts faster, promotes concentration and focus, improves handwriting... and much more.

At MAXIMA, we know almost everything about colors. We especially appreciate those unique expressions of creativity in their use and always think of all the users of our products. That is why we have created a funny coloring book as a gift to all those, who adorn their walls with MAXIMA paint. You can download the coloring book from our website and print it by yourself. Of course, we will continue giving it to all the parents (including future parents), who decorate their homes with products of the MAXIMA program.

Coloring for a better concentration

Concentration is the ability to direct our thoughts to a certain direction, in order to duly perform a task. Children are expected to be able to "hold their attention" on an activity, especially when they go to school. Concentration can be stimulated from a very early age, because children love to scribble on a piece of paper from the age of one year. Coloring the drawings of a coloring book is the ideal exercise for this skill. Coloring books contribute to learning shapes, lines and patterns faster. After learning them, children begin to focus on the borders and lines, within which they are supposed to color. Regardless of whether they paint across the lines or not, children will develop the skills of focusing on details and concentrating, which will be extremely useful in the future. Color books are ideal graphomotor materials. Holding the crayons in the right position and coloring promote eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and dexterity, which will be crucial later, when writing letters. Drawing after drawing, color by color, the colorful pages of the coloring book come to life with an unusual story. Children simply love to watch how an initial spot grows and becomes a concrete form.

Coloring books inspire creativity

MAXIMA bojanka probudiće maštu i inspirisati decu da bojama stvore jedan novi svet. Ponuđene slike bude nove ideje i pomoću njih deca uče da crtaju i sama se izražavaju kroz umetnost. Bojenje daje život crtežima, a kada vidi rezultate svog rada, dete dobija osećaj ostvarenosti i povećanog samopouzdanja. To razvija kreativni proces i pomaže deci da realizuju svaku svoju ideju i suoče se sa rešavanjem problema na pravi način. Naš cilj je i da ovom bojankom podstaknemo decu da eksperimentišu, razmišljaju izvan zadatih šablona i izraze svoju umetničku prirodu. Na kraju, možda se ta kreativnost kasnije pretvori u želju za bojenjem i ukrašavanjem zidova i fasada. MAXIMA će i tada biti tu da ih podrži velikim izborom kvalitetnih boja i dekorativnih materijala.

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