From an Abandoned Factory to an Inspiration

Without doubt, artworks are considered to be elitist inaccessible valuables that are displayed in galleries and museums. However, like most things, this can be viewed from a different point of view.

An unconventional art gallery can be anywhere, and visual artists can find inspiration everywhere around them. The proof of this is a juicy slice of the watermelon which appeared on one of the concrete walls of a dilapidated apartment factory near Podgorica.
Abandoned industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, barracks ... they all stand silent around us and testify about the economic ideals of past times. Time has transformed these completely usual places into unusual ones. Completely abandoned to the mercy of time and wilderness, they are mostly condemned to disappear. For most people, they are ugly, dark ruins that disturb the beauty and security of a region.

However, artists see the world a bit different, and if they do not like what they see, they will use their gift to transform it, beautify it and give it a new meaning.
MAXIMA has always been here to support any creative ideas with its colors and materials.

Colors speak louder than words

Old and abandoned industrial buildings are increasingly becoming inspirational playgrounds for visual artists. They create authentic works of art, a kind of idealized and certainly more interesting vision of reality.
There is an abandoned factory of apartments in Spuž, about 10 m from Podgorica. For decades, high concrete walls have kept the memory of one of this economic giant of former Yugoslavia, representing the ideal scenography for a science fiction movie.

Visual artist Mišo Joskić lives near there and, when he walks near that place, he sees something completely different. Given that there is nothing impossible or unusual for an artist, he has transformed the concrete wall of the building into a cube of Trappista cheese. Shortly after that, a slice of watermelon appeared on one of the lifeless walls of the factory. The whole process was packed into an interesting video clip made in cooperation with Matija Mitrović, Ana Božović and Ivan Knežević, who was the director of this video.

We were interested in the reason for choosing this kind of artistic expression, as well as in its purpose.

"I do not know why; perhaps because it is impossible to have a cube of cheese in the middle of a field. A large watermelon was appeared a few hundred meters away. I think that Claes Oldeburg and his huge sculptures were somewhere there in the background of my mind. Since then, I have been thinking more and more to make something unusual out of the usual objects and to give them a completely new sense, i.e. to materialize the through colors and bring them to life."
Mišo used Maxima materials and colors in both projects. This is what he says about the cooperation with our company.
"I am planning more projects with Maxima and I am glad that there are companies that support the promotion of art and artists and that they do not use art exclusively as a way to advertise and present their products".

Who is Miško Joskić?

The Montenegrin artist Mišo Joskić was born in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated graphic design at FLU, Cetinje, in 2011. He lives and works in Podgorica. He paints and illustrates murals, rooms and shops. He gave an important artistic contribution by painting the Španjola Fortress, as well as some of the most famous murals in Podgorica.

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