Blue - increases creativity, reduces appetite

Colour is the most effective and most exciting part of interior design. Every one of us has noticed that we feel more pleasantly in the space painted in a particular colour. And this does not have to be our favourite colour. Numerous studies have confirmed that colours have a great effect on mood, productivity and people’s behaviour in general. This is why it is very important to be acquainted with the psychology of colours and basic effects achieved by their use.

This is what science says about the blue colour: Blue is the most frequently used colour all around the world in art and design and most people regard it as the male colour. Also, it is the dominant corporate colour, because it is associated with stability, expertise, knowledge, intelligence and loyalty (for example Siemens and Facebook). Blue belongs to basic, cool colours and reminds us of water and the sky. Light blue shades are associated with health, peace and understanding. Deep blue shades represent power, knowledge, integrity and seriousness. It is often described as relaxing and tidy colour, so that it is often used to create the feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Use blue colour and visually enlarge the space

The energy emitted by the large number of blue shades is soothing. This colour reduces blood pressure and slows down heart beat and breathing. This is why blue is an ideal choice for your bedroom, bathroom and all rooms used for rest or meditation. Blue colour calms down the brain, encourages creativity and studying, so that it is often recommended by interior designers for office or business space.

For the rooms where a higher activity level is planned, such as living rooms and kitchens, blue colour is not a good solution, since it can make you feel slow or even depressed. It is interesting that blue colour is thought to reduce appetite. It is supposed that the reason for this is that practically no food with this colour exists in the nature. On contrary, blue colour warns us that the food is either poisonous or bad, so that people naturally avoid such food. That’s why the nutritionists recommend eating from blue plates to people who are on low-calorie diet and thus eat less food.

Blue is the perfect choice for narrow rooms of small size, because, as all other cool colours, it visually widens and enlarges space. In addition, it can cause the feeling of lower temperature in space and it can even cause lower body temperature.

This is something what you certainly did not know about the blue colour

Blue can be found in various shades and their names were most frequently given by the French. When you say blue you can actually mean azure blue, indigo blue, aquamarine blue, midnight blue, sky blue, peacock blue, cobalt blue, patina blue, turquoise and so on… If you have taken up weight lifting, it was proved that you will lift more kilos if you do this in a room painted in blue.

Research has shown that mosquitos simply adore blue colour and that they twice as often “visit” rooms painted in this colour. Owls are the only birds that can see blue colour.

Would you like to know how some shade of blue looks like on the walls of a specific room? Or even in combination with some other colour? Now, with the assistance of our application and your own imagination you can do it all and even more… Take the photo of the room which you want to design and using our wide palette of Maxima colours create your ideal colour scheme.

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